Literacy Strong

1st Daily workout

Check out the initial installment of my video series that talks about "Literacy Strong" and the first of my daily workouts - Reading a Book.

2nd Daily workout

Hi everyone!  It's time for the 2nd installment in the video series discussing my 5 daily literacy workouts.  Today, I talk about the benefits of reading to someone else.  Not only do you help them improve their literacy skills, but you improve your own at the same time.  Enjoy!

3rd Daily workout

We all have busy lives and find it hard to even find 20 minutes to do a literacy workout.  Audio books are a convenient and fun way to improve your skills.  Watch the 3rd video in my series to learn more about it.

4th Daily Workout

I can get lost for hours in my local card/stationery store looking at journals and notebooks.  Life gets busy and I'm always looking for fun notebooks to keep notes, reminders and jot down my thoughts.  Listen to this video about my 4th daily workout - spending time writing.

5th Daily Workout

Who doesn't love to play games?  Did you know that playing word games can actually help with your literacy skills?  Check out the 5th and final video in my series to learn more.